The Shack!

Stuff still under construction... 

Actually the shack is also under construction.

I have packed all my radios and gear into boxes and fully ripped down the inside walls, roof and floors from the shack. 

Making some renovation, fixing more insulation and moving some walls to make space for all. 
Also cables will get a new hole to come into the house.
Will continue with the story when finished.

My Shack consists of:

Yaesu FT817 (All band all mode, main use /p)
Yaesu FT847 (All band all mode, include 4m 70W)
Yaesu FT897 (All band all mode, main use HF+6m)
Yaesu FT7900 (2m and 70cm repeaters)

I have an old Heatkit SB221 linear wich I bought with 300e. It works really well and give out just enough power to get those much needed DXes on HF.

© 2018 Markus Kaukovalta OH1MN
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