January 2018

These pages are still under constraction as had to move out from my old pages... Service provider stopped sharing webpage space and so had to find another solution... 

I have been working some FT8 qsos as usual but maybe trying to calm it down a little. Notices that last year was quite full of FT8 qsos :)

Few nice cards rxed, 
VK9VKL from Xmas island, Cliff is very active on FT8. 
Jukka OH2BR was in Georgia, not a new one but always nice to grab OH guys around the world. 

VK9/M0VFC was a new one from Norfolk island. 

Really cant stop working FT8 :) but trying to keep myself to pick some new ones and bandpoints etc.

Some new OH Flora Faunas worked, Saku OH2NOS and OH6TX been active in the bush.

Kosovo was added to ARRL DXCC list, Z60A actively calling on many bands, picked up as counts now to a new DXCC. Was nr 292!!!

Participated in the CQ WW 160m contest just for fun. 
Also did some FT8 qsos on 160m when got inspired to work that band, got my first stateside qso, big thanks to K1NZ!!

February 2018

Still working FT8 as it seems to be easy and nice to pick some new stations. 5T2AI on 40m, band points. 

As I put up a rotatable dipole for 17m, been working some nice DX there also. JA, BA, ZS6, A9... many nice qsos.

Got a qso to US also on 80m, always nice. W1PFZ was the guy on the other end.

Djibouti on 20m J28PJ  and 9N1AA on FT8. Both were new DXCCs on the mode :)

HV0A Vatican worked on new band, 17m, seems the dipole is working ok.
Ciao Francesco !!! Grazie!!!

March 2018

Not a bad start for March, in the noise grabbed 3D2EU Rotuma DXpedition! Was not so easy but happy happy joy joy... New DXCC, nr 293.

My girls participated in the Womens Day contest, Meri started in the morning part of the contest, making 18 contacts. She`s only 5years old :)
Siru, 7 years took part in the evening contest, making 7 qsos. She came home late and this was all the time we could be on the air. 
But both girls were happy and they enjoy speaking on the radio... Future radioamateurs maybe...
Have been on 30m working FT8, its good relaxing qso making while doing stuff and also working at the office.
Some nice qsos logged, asia seems good open. AP2HA, BG7BDB... Also RI50ANO grabbed.
TN5R active... Worked them a few bands, 20m CW and 17m SSB. TJ2TT worked on 15m SSB and 20m CW...

Time for some OH Flora Fauna... Went to OHFF-0239 Pomponrahka, swamplike area with some dry and ok places too. Around 1hour and some 30mins later had all needed 44 qsos in log and even some spare ones too. Did get a few P2P qsos also. Tu guys and 44!

WPX SSB... Was down to my friend OH1LEGs cabin in Kemiö, worked 40m with OH10TA. All band with OH1MN during off hours... OH1LEG worked 160m with some good results also. Had fun, need to do another time also.

APRIL 2018

3B7A grabbed on few bands and mode, very happy. DXCC nr 294!!!
Worked on 15m ssb, 20m ssb 30m rtty and 40m ssb+cw... nice band fills.

I finally RXed my Flora Fauna QSL cards. Big thanks to Deluxeprint.eu and Emil LZ3HI !!!

Now I can start writing outgoing cards from all my Flora Fauna qsos... 

I made the design so that there are many OHFF on the same card, as some places get more qsos then others and dont want to make many different cards with low quantity. 

Be sure to check out DELUXEPRINT.EU 

Some good DXes worked on 20m FT8, J73WA (also on 30m), Z66D, RA/OH2IO. KP4JRS on 30m FT8,  OH2IO worked also from 4X on 20m SSB.
Matti OH2IO has been movin around for some Flora Fauna bushes also. Try to catch him everywhere! :)
Now just start to wait for summer and the Es season to start... 2m, 4m and 6m are all ready and waiting! 

May 2018

First QSO was with Matti, 4X/OH2IO in 4XFF-0041 20m SSB. 
I have seen some 6m Es... Been monitoring for some time now on 50.313 FT8, today was the day... Stations starting to come, Italy, France, Slovenia, Germany... Seems Es condx have arrived but are still very qsb. Some qsos arent finished due qsb and the station just dissapearing into the noise. 
With 6m still waiting to open, I keep working on HF, 30m seems very good. Has become one of the greatest bands, condx are usually good and DX is there :)

ZD7DL worked on 20m SSB, C98RRC on 40m CW... Nice loggings. 
Again some openings to Europe on 6m, FT8 gives a chance to get some new squares also. Easy to watch and log. 
Still nothing too big, only some new grids in the log. 
Meanwhile I do pick up some new Flora Faunas from Europe on HF.  
Some nice catches on 20m, TZ4AM on 20m CW, ZD8RY and ZP5DA on SSB. Small opening also on 10m, but nothing too special there. Anyway nice to see some activity there.

Received some well waited cards... 5A1AL, VU7T, VK9MA among others.

My local flyer guy took me on a trip to the sky... Went flying for a few hours. Did get to fly the plane myself also. Some great views, flew over the city, sea, our club, my house and many other places too.

June 2018

OH5C gang is on the way to Åland Islands, going to use the call OG0C from Kökar island. 

Great job, guys have several bands on the run and I have logged them already on a few, 80-40-30-20 and 6m. FT8, SSB and CW... Fantastic.
I also worked them on 4m and 2m wich was nice.

They were active also on 2m, during the NAC but condx and their QTH was not very good.

These guys are sure making some logentries, what I heard they had some over 10000 qsos.

This is a pic from their antennas, they had many others also, some vertical arrays and beam.

Must say that 6m Es has not had such a good start as I would have wanted. Still just Europians coming, nothing very good except on PV8AL. No more DX.
So maybe this is why havent been focusing so much on 4m or 6m... 

After midsummer me and the family packed the car and we drove to north Finland, also up over to Norway, were we went swimming in the North Ice Sea... Cold water, still seeing some snow up on the hills. 
Weather was great, warm up to 25°C wich is not very normal. 

With the trip to north I finally had a chance to finish one of my Flora Faunas, OHFF-0174.
Was a hard night with aurora trying to kill my signal, but did get the 44 qsos needed. Or what was left after the first activation, 35 qsos.
Next day we drove down to Pyhätunturi, were I visited the Pyhä-Luosto National Park OHFF-0024. As usual I hang my windom between a few trees and start making qsos.

The biggest DXpedition of the summer is on the way. Baker island, KH1/KH7Z. 

Not bad but not good conditions, luckily grabbed them on 20m CW and later on 20m FT8. Didnt even hear them on other bands. But this was enough for me, DXCC nr 295!!!

July 2018

On the 4th of July OHFF crew had decided to have an OHFF activity day. Must say that it was not sure I would be participating before a few days prior. 

I had a place picked up earlier, OHFF-0231 Friskala Bay.
Setup my windom and FT897 with a Optima battery. 
Drove over 44 qsos wich was good. Condx were nice, hot and sunny and band open.

Then is was time for the annual SRAL - Finnish Radio Amateur Leagues summercamp, this time in Nurmes. Nurmes is located in the eastern part of Finland, distance from my QTH is around 800km... 
Me, Janne OH1SDR and Olavi OH1OP started our trip on thursday afternoon.
Got to the camp around 10 in the evening. Setup our cars and checked the place for some friends.