January 2017

Happy New Year 2017, 100 years of Independence in Finland, 1917 - 2017 ! !
For this celebration we are allowed to use OF prefix instead of OH.

Have been working few days with OF1MN, it is some what wanted out there. 60m new DXCCs, HB9TSI, HB0WR and SV2HZT all logged on JT65.
Yesterday or actually at 02:00 local time worked a few MS qsos with the help of Quadrantis shower, Wlodek SP2HHX
from Gdanks worked on 2m FSK, talked with him in the KST chat. Will try to meet him in Gdansk, when I go there in February.
Just after we stopped with Wlodek, hear a few burst and it was Karel OK2PM, worked quite fast and qso was logged.
MORE UPDATES AS WE GO....Sadly noticed that my picture folder website has crashed so most of the pics on the previous years pages are gone for now, hope they can fix the problem soon.
Well let us focus on this year!

February 2017

First qso of the month goes to C5YK Andre, worked on 15m ssb, and then V51WH. Conditions are not so bad, just need to find time to be on the radio.
Waiting for TL8TT to get on air, would be a new DXCC for me.
TL8TT on air! Nice, worked them on 20m SSB, new DXCC! Was lucky to work them also on 40m ssb+cw and 15m ssb, in total 4 qsos!

Then was time to pack up gear and leave to Poland, Gdansk. At the airport, when arriving there was a man standing with a sign that said OH1MN :) 

It was SP2HHX Wlodek, who had come to meet and greet us when arriving! 3 of us got a ride from him to our hotel, nice! We talked about hamradio, friends and antennas...
We also made plans to meet up on Friday afternoon.
The trip was with my workmates so we hade some scheduled drinking and eating...We did do some shopping also. On Friday Wlodek SP2HHX came and picked me up from the hotel and we drove to his QTH.
Very nice place, apartment house and top floor. Wlodeks wife was also there meet me, they coocked some coffee and presented a cake and other small things to eat, ouh how good.  

Me and Wlodek SP2HHX in his Shack! QSLs were delivered direct :)  

Hard trip but had to do it, now back home. Worked some DX on 60m JT65 again, N4WW and GD3YUM, GD was a new DXCC on 60m, now up to 47 countries there.
Then just upper band DX on JT65, some BA, JAs, VR, LU, DU and ZS6... TO3Z from Guadeloupe worked on 15m ssb. US guys on 60m JT65..
My new QSL cards for the OF1MN special prefix came, the cards look great and good packing as always from LZ3HI printer! Emil does a great job!!!!  

Sorry for a long time between updates... So had been working 60m JT65 as usual. GD3YUM, a new one on 60m! Worked, thats now total of 47DXCCs on 60m.
A few other calls here and there, working 15m when its open, had a huge JA pile on 20m JT65, but also a few others, DU, E2, BA, VR, and then turned to SA, PY, YV, ZS6....
RI1AND heard and worked on 40m JT65. End of the month and heard TO3Z (DXCC: FG) calling strong on 15m SSB, picked a qso with him also.
What a great suprice, found Christian IZ8EYP calling on 40m SSB, talked a long time with hime, old friend from back to the Roman times :)

I think first contacts some time in 2005, then meeting in 2007 in Frascati, Italy.... Mny qsos after that.

March 2017

Was looking for my friend Sami in Spain, lent him my 20m endfed to have some antenn with him on his 1 month trip to EA7. Found Sami on EA7/OH3ELB on 14267 finally one day and talked some time,
he had some other OH stations also there so didnt keep him too long.
Was time for the annual OH YL-contest, so I put the microphone in my eldest daughters had and she make some 20qsos on 80m, even one with YL2PP.
Then as there was enough time also my youngest daughter had the opportunity to have some contacts... She made 5qsos.
Now as the results have arrived, I can tell you that Siru 5years was 1st, and Meri 3years was the 2nd!
9N7EI was on air, so picked some missing bands and modes. Making a total of 4qsos with them (40 CW and SSB, 30 CW and 17 SSB).
Was waiting for 9G5X to come on air, and they did. Finally after a few days of trying got them on 20m CW, ATNO!!
272DXCC! Finally!

My happy days did not stop there... A team of YL guys and some others were QRV from Bangladesh S2...As S21ZED / S21ZEE came on air, worked then quickly and on a few bands :)

Making them an ATNO DXCC 273, 40m CW+SSB, 30m CW, 20+17+15 SSB and last and final qso on 80m CW! Fantastic! Bought a t-shirt from their sponsor shop. Great DXPedition! 

Worked a few other dx trips as well, 5U5R and TU7C, but only new bandpoints.
End of the month was time for WPX SSB... Decided to do some fun activity, worked 40m Assisted Low and also 160m Assisted Low, just for fun.

April 2017

Now something I have been trying to get for some time... Bolivia CP... Finally our sked time made it possible, worked CP6CL on 60m JT65. New one on 60m, 48DXCC and would have been a
ATNO but 60m dont count to DXCC yet. Well this would be corrected in the future....
4W/N1YC was finally worked on 40m CW as ATNO, DXCC nr 274!!

Then time for some 60m activity, making new countries on 60m JT, 9H, F, HA, GI, EA6 and OH0 as a last one... So total now is 54DXCC on 60m.  

Was on a short holiday to Lappland, was QRV from the cabin on 6m and was a few days visiting the Nationalpark, OHFF-0024 Pyhä Luosto Nationalpark.
There I was QRV only on HF, mostly 20m but tried other bands also. FT897 and Windom antenna.
Logs have been uploaded to WWFF site. Thank you, it was nice.

May 2017

Finally got CP6CL Jose on 40m also so now ATNO and DXCC 275!!!
VU4YC was worked on a few bands for bandpoints/mode points :)
As normal 6m is trying to wake up... First qsos done on 6m SSB / CW... Well looks like its open... a few nice days with 6m open! Well spent a lot of time there in the
past so not many new stations there.
CO8LY and D44TWO worked on 60m JT65, new counties, so total is now at 56DXCCs.

Been trying to get E51LYC, North Cook Island into my log.,. been hard as he´s only audioble few weak moments. BUT... Managed to work him on 20m CW!! ATNO, DXCC nr 276!!

Made a QSO with OJ0JR on 60m CW, another country in the logbook. Henri OH3JR has been on air Märket Reef now with good activity.
Had some fun on 20m SSB the other day, lots of qsos and a few good pileups, great to be on this end of the pile :)
VP2ETE, LW7HA, PT7ZT, KP4NU, YV4NR, P49MR.... to mention a few.
A cherry on top was ZL3OZ via long path, great signal and nice long chat with Ken.
Small opening to G-land on the 22nd May, later in the evening to SP direction. One new one also catched.... 4U1ITU on 6m CW.
At the end of the month, CQ WPX CW.... Decides to make some noise on the bands... I was QRV as OH1MN on 20m, SOLP Assisted, I was 3rd OH :)
Then also on 40m SOLP assisted with OF1MN, ranking 2nd OH... Also ran a few qsos on 160m SOLP assisted, as OF10TA, ranking 1st OH (only station, hihi).

June 2017

Great start for the month, JAs are flying in on 6m JT65... very marginal conditions and without JT65 weak signal mode, these qsos would not be possible.
Few to mention, JA9SJI, JA3FYC, JA3ITG, JJ2LPV... also worked a new DXCC on 6m, FG1JS. S01WS was also logged on 6m SSB, nice catch with great signal...

Have been again up to the hill working 2m NAC, we have been quite good this year, have also been setting the station into a little better condition.

4m was showing some life, open to GU, G, S5, 9A.... Many qsos made, had fun.
Read from DX NEWS or DXCOFFEE etc that PJ7 was going to be on air again... If I had the time to check it out :) PJ7/W9AEB was calling on 20m SSB, a few calls in and finally logged him as a new DXCC, nr 278.

Waiting, waiting, hunting for those new ones is an endless thing... But making it slow.
5T2AI logged on 20m SSB, DXCC nr 279!

July 2017

July... Ah summer...
SV8 stations booming on 6m! Great to work some guys from the south in good conditions.
And another suprise was 5B4ALX, new one on 60m.. And once you start getting them, they keep coming CP4BT worked on 20m CW.
Also CP6CL worked on 20m FT8 (new interresting mode, vy fast 15sec periods)
This FT8 mode is nice, comes with the new WSJT-X, 1.8.0 RC1 is the released version of the software. Still not official but smooth running and working version.
HH2AA worked on 30m JT65, been looking for this one.... DXCC nr 280!

Time for SRAL summercamp ===> Finnish Radio Amateur Leagues summer convention, meaning lots of bonk on the fleemarket, new stuff on display, eyeball qsos and some BBQ and beer!

Was awarded the 1st price of 2m Northern Activity Contest, phone section.
Finnish Champion :) 

Was also awarded with two other prices, my girls took part in YL contest as Second Operators, 1st and 2nd price.  

Been working with the new mode, FT8.... And the log looks like it too :)  

Was down to Kustavi to work some DX while on summerholiday with family...
Worked with OF1MN from EU096 Kustavi island, only qsos on 20m. Mostly on FT8 digimode.
Then a short weektrip to SM, few qsos while there as SM/OF1MN. Also visited Hannu SM5KWU.

Finally when back home I notice that 5A1AL is on the air...
And finally I also cpi him on the band, one quick call for him and I log him on 30m CW!

DXCC nr 281!  

August 2017

First let me say, vy sorry for long delay on updates. Its been like 4months since last.
These DXes just keep coming. Had some spare time one morning while waiting for a customer at his place...

Had a look on 20m FT8, saw 5W0RR calling... Few calls and logged him with full pay and remote.
very happy, its DXCC nr 282 for me!

ESFD... Estonian Field Day contest... Lots of ES stations on the air, was lucky enough to grab a few new grids on 2m and also on 6m. Was fun, sent in my log and now starts the long wait for the results.
FT8, that wondermode... been working different bands, seems 20m is nice, when aurora is not messing it up :)
4V1G from Haiti logged, many US and Canadien stations.

Got some strange flybite... working Flora Fauna stations, and thinking of activating a few myself also.

Some nice DX on 20m SSB, 9Z4Y, HC5RF, PJ2GT and FY/F5UII to mention some. Also logged VK9VKL on 20m FT8, was just a new mode for me.

RI1ANO station from South Shetland islands worked on 20m CW, SSB and later on FT8.
Vladimir UA4WHX came to visit our club, OH1AA.
He held a short presentation of the antennas he usually takes with him to his numerous trips to some rare DXCCs.
Was a great evening to listen to his stories, he brought some QSLs to some of our clubmembers. He also had the chance to do some radio on 40m ssb... He was happy, mamaged to even get a small pileup going on late in the evening.
This all was before his trip to Märket Reef, DXCC: OJ0. His plan is to be there next month and operate yet another DXCC.

September 2017

Rocking the bands from Märket Reef, OJ0/UA4WHX Vladimir is very active, managed to work him and several bands and modes from there. 160m CW/SSB, 80m SSB,
60m CW/SSB and 40m CW/SSB/RTTY and 6m CW, a few new bands/modes I would recall. Was missing atleast 160m and perhaps 40m CW+RTTY. 

V85T snagged on 20m CW, new mode and band. Worked also SAC CW 2017, as working just for fun and not so serious. Was on air with two calls, OF1MN SOAB qrp and OH1MN 15m qrp...
For some strange reason also took part in CQ WW RTTY contest... OF1MN on 15m, OH1MN on 40m and OH10TA on 80m....just having fun and logging some new modepoints. 

2m tropo opening in the final days, logged LY3DE, LY2UT, LY2HM, EU3AI, SP2HHX, UA2FL, SP2AJ, YL2GP, YL3CL, OF8UV and a few days later SP2IQW, LY2WR, YL2CW and some others.
OK team was working hard from Mauritania as 5T5OK, got them on 80, 40, 20, 17 and 12m. Different modes from CW to SSB and RTTY. Filling up the bandslots. 

October 2017

Nice start to the month, XT2AW worked on 15m CW, DXCC nr 283, and S9YY new mode on 20m CW.

As there was talk about the Flora Fauna, one day after for drove to Ruissalo National Park OHFF-0190 and worked over the required 44 qsos, giving the hunters one new area!

BOOM! DXCC nr 284 logged as VU7T came on the air, got them on 30m CW and 20m SSB. Fantastic. A few days later logged nr 285, Richmond EL2BG on 17m SSB, great!  

Time for SAC SSB part, ofcourse on the air with some random times due family affairs. Same as CQ WW SSB part, on air as OH10TA on 10m, OF1MN on 40m and OH1MN on 15m.
Hannu OH1HAQ beeped me in facebook chat that Monk Apollo, SV2ASP/A is on 20m CW...
Warmed up my loyal old amp and gave him a few calls, YES! He replied! QSO done! Finally last entity of Europe was truly logged!

During CQWWSSB got XX9O logged as DXCC nr 286 and VK9CZ, both on 15m SSB. VK9 was just another band but still, 15m was nicely open. Last but not least HR1AAB 15m SSB DXCC 287!

November 2017 

Cant stop them from coming, VK9/M0VFC from Norfolk, my DXCC nr 288 on 20m CW! And the one we have all been waiting Mellish Reef, VK9MA.
Well as soon as they got their station up and running I was in que, logged them first on 20m CW, then 30m CW, 17m CW, 20m SSB and last 40m CW. DXCC nr 289!

And they just keep coming, DXCC nr 290, Burundi 9U4M 20m SSB, then 20m CW and 15CW, 40CW+SSB then 17RTTY.
Time for CQWWCW part, Ran with 3 calls...again... OF1MN 40m, OH1MN 10m and OH10TA 15m... J5T Guinea Bissau was worked on 40SSB, 80SSB and 14RTTY, bandslots being filled :)
On my "spare time" have my rig on some FT8 frequency and picking up some interresting stations... 

Now and then there are some good ones! Micronesia V63DX, DXCC nr 291 for me, logged on 20m FT8. Its one that I had been looking around for many times.

December 2017

I have been very lazy on working much anything else then FT8. Did how ever get some time to got to OHFF-0234 (Leftside picture) and give that new area to many wanting it.
After 0234 was time for OHFF-0052 (Rightside picture) in Kaarina...


After 0052 it was time for OHFF-0243... And that was fun! Flora and Fauna is great outing and making your station portable/mobile.
Get to know the nature around yourself, and just explore!

After these trips I have only been randomly on 40m, 30m and 20m FT8. Just waiting for the year to finish and an end to the OF prefix period.

HVY 2018!!!!